Tuesday, May 24, 2022

April Minutes from the Bates County Commissioners Office

Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson were present for all meetings listed:

April 4, 2022 Reading for Charlotte Township Road Closure. In attendance is Scott Friedrich Attorney with Gary Cook, Farmer, Ron Halliburton Charlotte Township Board, and Tammera Halliburton. Mr. Cook Presented the list of people opposed to the road closure. Mr. Friedrich states the proper procedure was not followed to start the first reading of the closure. According to the state statute 228.110 the persons with lands crossed or touched by said closure were only mailed a certified letter with handwritten notice of closure and copy of surveyor description and not personally served in the same manner as other notices are required to be served by law. Presiding Commissioner Wheatley stated the first reading has not started at this point. No other items were presented and the meeting adjourned. No reading was held for the closure. Mr. Friedrich and Mr. Cook stated if there was a reading presented, they wished to be notified. It was further noted if this was not completed today then the reading would have to be done in July.

April 6, 2022 Chris Sams and Kip Yoss brought their new project of Mt Olivet House of Hope. This is an old Church that is in the process of conversion to a temporary home for displaced people or families from either calamity or decline. There is a set of terms and limitations in place to be able to utilize the facility. There will be 3 units built unto the main floor of the church. The basement would be a community use space with washer/dryer and rooms for classes or services. The projected total is $350,000.00 as this is a gut and rebuild. They have already had families use the open space as it is. The Mt Olivet church is out on Z highway from Passaic towards Ballard. Mr. Sams has modeled this after the HillCrest Community in Grandview. Currently there is no place for the public in the county to go if immediate need of housing arises. He is hoping to get a coalition of area churches to help in this endeavor. He is requesting help in the form of ARPA money. Application was given and emailing any new information as it comes in. Bills were approved.

April 11, 2022 Johnny Richmond, resident of Grand River Township, and Carol Gregg, Grand River Township Board Member, came in to talk to the Commission about their road situation. Currently, and throughout the last few years, the road maintenance is lacking. Ms. Gregg states that since 2017 the money the township has received has been cut and the purchase of a grader has put less money towards rock for roads. Mr. Richmond states that when they do put gravel down it is very sporadic and useless as they tend to clean the ditch out afterwards and cover it all up with mud. He has spoken with the board several times and is now wanting answers or direction on where to go to fix the issue. Travel has increased on the main road in question, 15504, as well as a few more residential homes added to that area. Of course, farmers’ utilization is heavy and causes a lot of damage. Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley did point out they received more money last year then in 2017. Though costs have certainly gone up. It is possible they are not using the best type of blade for road maintenance as well. Discussed several types of road maintenance machinery. The discussion also led to the thought of abolishing the Township Boards all together and going with County Control for the road maintenance. This would take a petition with over 900 signatures for it to be put up to a County Vote. The State has a right to abolish them as well and have tried but did not accomplish it.

Steve Koehn with Koehn Building Systems brought to the Commission an outlook on their business growth. They are looking for a property to build a bigger place. They are currently looking at the side road area of the highway just north of Rich Hill. However, the issue with this area is the gravel road. Dust just would make the business look dirty. Otherwise, this is perfect. He asks the Commissioners if there is something that can be done to keep the dust down or asphalt the road. Calcium Chloride either in liquid or granular form is a possible answer. This has about a 2-year life before reapplication needs done. This is something that the Commission has investigated.

April 13, 2022 The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney, and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present. Signed checks for the election judges.

April 18, 2022 Trailer, previously purchased, has now been insured and title received. Received invoice from UMB bank. This should be a part of the refinance of certificates through L J Hart. Sent invoice to Mr. Hart for him to check.

The Service for Fire Protection and Alarms with Johnson Controls is up for renewal. The price increases for each year, 2022-2024. Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson made the motion to approve the contract renewal with Johnson Controls Fire Protection LP. Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney seconded the motion. All voted yes. No opposition. Motion passed.

April 20, 2022 Rich Hill Mayor Nathan Kassner stopped by to talk about ARPA funds. Bills were approved for payment. The Commission started going over the ARPA Applications received so far.

April 25, 2022 Reviewing ARPA Applications. Dean Fischer from the Pleasant Gap Township came in concerned about the detour road conditions for the MoDot repairs.

April 27, 2022 Gaylan Floyd with Group Benefit Services presented their services as a Major Medical Health Insurance Company. They set up the county to be a self-funded health plan. Offering medical, prescription, dental and vision. There are several other options available as well. They are working with several counties and municipalities. They are the broker for the different insurances. In these plans the premiums for these plans are divided into several different accounts i.e. commissions, claims, If any funds are left it is carried over. This builds over time and usually the first year is usually the same as the plans we used previously but should go down as funds build. Packet was handed out that has some of the benefits for the Commissioners to look over and see if they want to go forward with a quote. They would need information to build a quote at that point.

Daryl Kohen with Koehn Rock and Lime LLC seeking information on how to abolish townships. Which would take a vote of the people or the State to abolish them. This would give the maintenance of the road to the responsibility county for repair. His concern is that people who are grading the road are inexperienced and making things worse.

Jalyn Watson, Lone Oak Township clerk brought information on the work they have completed on the roads and where the books stand for them right now. There is concern as one of the bridges being repaired by MoDot will have people detouring on roads that are not yet prepared. They have had to lay rock on a tube that was replaced by the landowner instead of Road and Bridge. There is a meeting for the Township tonight at Southern Commissioners Trent Nelson’s place.

Chet and Tammera Halliburton came in to speak where the process is on the Road Closure in Charlotte Township. They have discovered this road hasn’t been a road since 1808. Farmers use it to reach their property. With no road there an easement allowed.

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