Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Bates County Sheriff's Office staying active and building partnerships with the local community

The Bates County Sheriff's Office is excited to present a little project that we have been working on for the last couple months. We love to be active in our community and are proud to build partnerships with organizations within our community.

Community Policing is a very important part of law enforcement. Through our Community Policing program the Sheriff’s Office is now officially represented at Frontier Village in Adrian Missouri. When finished this replica 1880s Sheriff's Office will house one single jail cell, one bed, a spittoon and a desk for the Sheriff. This building started life as a storage shed and was used by the Sheriffs Office for storage of mattresses. 

With the addition to the jail the building was no longer being used and started to deteriorate. Late last year the Sheriff approached the Antique Tractor Association with the idea and once approved by the board, work began by the maintenance crew to recycle the building into something usable.

Frontier Village host many community events, schools tours and home schoolers to educate them about history. The village is home to the Western Missouri Antique Tractor Association. The village has many other buildings to include a school house, church, bank, museum, antique steam engines, saw mill, mercantile store, tractor pull arena and a train that you can ride.

“We are excited about a another community project and be to part of such a great hidden gem in our community.” Sheriff Anderson says. “Once completed staff and volunteers will take part in these events to build a relationship with our community with emphasis on connecting with our youth. We will educate them about the role the Sheriff’s Office played in history. I think it’s important to know the history because you can’t effectively move forward without knowing and understanding where you’ve been.”

We would like to thank Blaine Baldwin, Joey Plunkett for doing the lions share of construction. The team of deputies it took to move the building and set it up. Ready Concrete Services for the donation of the small runs of concrete the building sits on and the Western Missouri Antique Tractor Association for the partnership.

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