Thursday, May 19, 2022

Cass County Crime Coalition set to go

Wednesday night elected officials from around Cass County signed a resolution to create the Cass County Crime Coalition. The Cass County Crime Coalition provides support and guidance for programs that partner the community and public safety agencies working together to keep Cass County safe. 

The Cass County Commission, Prosecuting Attorney Ben Butler, Sheriff Jeff Weber, and mayors from Belton, Harrisonville, Lake Winnebago, Peculiar, and Pleasant Hill will form the advisory board of the Cass County Crime Coalition.

The Coalition Advisory Board will work together to develop a comprehensive plan and coordinate activities related to the improvement of criminal justice administration among state, county and municipal agencies.

The program is funded by the Cass County Commission and the program is administered through the Cass County Sheriff's Office. The program provides funds for law enforcement and judicial resources. Those include salary reimbursement for additional law enforcement officers assigned to a task force and dedicated staffing to the prosecuting attorney's office.

“This is just the first step in our collaborative efforts to address matters of public safety in our communities. In the coming weeks will seek partnerships with the 11 remaining municipalities, seeking their contributions to the Cass County Crime Coalition. 

We will focus on legislative issues that affect public safety, working with our State Legislature as they work for us in Jefferson City. And finally, our participating law enforcement agencies will collaborate to provide problem oriented response to crime using Focused Deterrence of high risk individuals” said Sheriff Jeff Weber.

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