Monday, May 30, 2022

Electric City Speedway Gene Timmerman Memorial Late Model Show Results 5/29

Sports Compact:
1.) Eric Schmidt 121
2.) Chris Nichols 42
3.) Roman Stump 15
4.) John Willard 1-1/2
5.) Colt Burk 69

Dirt Late Models:
1.) Kylan Garner 45
2.) Michael Madrid 160
3.) Dustin Walker 14
4.) Chris Hawkins USA1
5.) Justin Wells 49
6.) Jeremy Willard 25
7.) John Willard 10W
8.) Greg Piotrowski 12X
9.) Donnie Hestand 112H
10.) Jason Sivils 0
11.) Cole Wells 7
12.) Jacob McGee 10

USRA B-Mods:
1.) Krew Walburn 28K
2.) Logan Smith 11L
3.) Jackie Dalton 21D
4.) Henry Chambers 17
5.) Charles McCartney 83
6.) Rylee Fuller 17R
7.) Dakota Lowe 24
8.) Greg Scheffler 21WH
9.) Jacob Ellison 21
10.) Dustin Coppenbarger 18
11.) Tyler Kidwell 54
12.) Dayton Pursley 38C
13.) Tyler Cadwallader 69ER
14.) Travis Wood 14W
15.) Christopher Watts 98
16.) Michael Taylor III 6T
17.) Wesley Brown 37

USRA Stock Cars:
1.) Ed Griggs 47
2.) Doug Keller 7
3.) Mason Beck 0F
4.) Rodney Schweizer 74
5.) Colton Bourland 2
6.) Nic Hanes 9H
7.) Darren Phillips 21P
8.) Bill Carter 14C
9.) Scott Johnson 7J
10.) James Barker 69N
11.) Andy Morris 127
12.) Kameron Hanes 9
13.) Blake Bolton 34
14.) Tim Manning 230 

Vintage Cars:
1.) Damon Clevenger 6
2.) Donnie Timmerman 1A
3.) Danny Lorton 27
4.) John Martin 63
5.) Foxie Sumner 89
6.) John Steenstry 07
7.) Andy Wiles 53
8.) Beth Martin 58
9.) Rocky Rhodes 8
10.) Terry Price 44
11.) Jeffrey Hanson 752
12.) Rob Brash 42
13.) Brad Barlow 88
14.) Tom Charles 81
15.) Bob Werkmeister 32W
16.) Brandon Jordan 2D
17.) Larry Waters 00

POWRI Pure Stocks:
1.) Leroy Morrison 50
2.) Alex Crawford 59
3.) Josh Marshall C7
4.) David Doelz 4D
5.) Bobby Brown 38
6.) Jerry Wheeler 3
7.) Chris Diamond 79
8.) Casey Hofer 12C
9.) John Snyder 6
10.) Chet Yates 99C
11.) Joshua Parcel 4T
12.) Jonathan Hightower 13J
13.) Jordan Blevins 48B
14.) Lance Coulter 5L
15.) Scott Pullen 08

POWRI Midwest Mods:
1.) Kyle Thompson 292
2.) Casey Burnett 23B
3.) Scott Collins 18
4.) Jacob Hall 101K
5.) Jeff Douty 77
6.) Garrett Thompson 929
7.) Ryan Larsen 00
8.) Bobby Brown 26B
9.) Todd Brill 96SR
10.) Jimmy Cooper 51
11.) Tanner Foster 15
12.) Jeffery Lockard 99L
13.) John Martin 27
14.) Jeremiah Reynolds 17R
15.) Dakota Dillon 23
16.) Dell Tiedeman 7557

Hello all and happy Memorial Day.
I’d like to start by saying thank you
To my staff, drivers and race fans.

Last night was a huge night and frankly not the turn out we expected. I’ll be honest I expected about 80 cars and we got 123 So we were not totally prepared for that but the show went on and we stepped to the plate. There was no long half time there were no gaps in racing there was great racing in fact that never ended. We started about 730 and finished about 2am. 6.5 hours with 1.5. Being one class. Including the long red.

Yes we could have parked tighter and better to start. We could have added more staff to help move the gates faster. We could have worked the track better we could have bought more food. We could have had more drinks. We could have finished faster we could have started on time we could have not run out of transponders. We could have put a time limit on B-Mods. We could learn how to predict when and how many people will show up to be prepared We will learn from these things.

We always have room for improvement and if you can’t tell yet this team is that team that won’t quit until we get it there.

I want to say it’s hard to hear the fb keyboard warriors say what they say but guess what it’s part of it. We can’t make everyone happy all the time. But rest assured we will make most happy all of the time.

ECS has only had 5 races with 2 soft opening races last October. I’m damn proud of this team these drivers and these fans to WANT TO SEE THIS Track’s SUCCESS.

Just five races. And yes I see the same people say the same things about tracks that have been doing this for decades. So I have to say although it stings to here the bad it fuels me!! To be better to continue to strive for better and we will prevail.

We will be one of the top tracks in the Midwest and that’s just all there is to it. One race at a time one week at a time and one season at a time.

We weren’t blessed with great dirt so we have to find what works best for this dirt and there’s never going to be a consistent Mother Nature. She will throw you curve balls weekly. Rain wind sun clouds all in play each week.

So it’s not a routine it’s a day by day Strategy on what to do that changes everyday bc of old Mother Nature.

No excuses just actions is what this team will deliver.
I know what we need to do and we will get it done!!


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