Thursday, May 26, 2022

From the Desk of Bates County Sheriff Anderson:

From the Desk of Sheriff Anderson:

Yesterday, I sent every Bates County School Superintendent, School Board President and Police Chief an email asking for their participation in regular luncheons sponsored by the Sheriffs Office in regards to School Safety protocols.
Many of our schools already have trained deputies do annual school shooter trainings for their staff. The purpose of these meetings are to identify security improvements, staff training, schools law enforcement needs and expectations and identify resources to achieve a safe school environment all year long. 

We will present current trends of violence in schools across the nation and how to protect against them.
The Bates County Coalition for Safer Schools will meet regularly. 

The goal is to have regular conversations between schools and law enforcement to work on investing in our greatest asset; our children.
Sheriff Chad Anderson
*a few emails have been returned undeliverable so if you are Superintendent or Principle and have not received an email a second one will be going out shortly

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