Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Nevada High School Senior Cruise Route Information:

Senior Cruise Route Information:

When: Wednesday May 18th at 6pm 

The processional will begin on Ashland Street at the NHS north parking lot across from the PAC. 

The processional will travel east on Ashland to Ash, then north on Ash to Highland, then west on Highland to West, then north on West to Edwards, then east/southeast on Edwards to Ash, then south on Ash to Walnut, then east on Walnut to Main, then south on Main to Cherry, then east on Cherry to Washington to Austin, then west on Austin to Spring, then north on Spring to Hickory, then west on Hickory to Logan field where the processional will end. 

The procession will be led by SRO Deputy Goodwin with emergency lights activated.

#wearetigerstogether #nevadatigerpride

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