Monday, May 9, 2022

The Museum Minute: KMAM Begins Broadcasting

Courtesy of the Bates County Museum 802 Elks Drive, Butler Mo 64730 (660) 679-0134

Herrman’s Historical Happenings week of May 11 

1872 Several influential citizens of Grand River township present a petition to the Bates Co court, stating the court had illegally issued $40,000 bonds to the Lexington, Lake & Gulf Railroad.

1885 A lively litter of nine one month old wolves, captured by Mr. Melvin Baldwin, of near Hume, is on display at Tedford & Smiths grocery store in Rich Hill.

1910 Many Bates Countians rise extra early for a view of the famed “Halley’s Comet”. But the clouds did not cooperate.

1912 A windstorm in the Hume area destroys the Missouri & Kansas Grain company hay barn and the New Home schoolhouse.

1927 36 electric light globes arrive at Butler city hall to be used in the extension of the “White Way” on Ohio street from Havannah st to the railroad depot.

1929 Open house for the public at the new Midwest Telephone Company, north Delaware street, just north of the Inn building. Butler.

1944 Having been notified by the War Dept that Lt Carl Browning was missing in action, Clarence Browning, of Hudson township receives word that Carl is safe, but in a prison camp in Italy.

1962 Butler radio station KMAM begins broadcasting, Bill Thornton of Arkansas is the owner-manager. His brother, Jerry, is an announcer and is in charge of sales.

1965 It’s announced that Paul Buerge of Adrian and John B. Coke of Harrisonville have purchased the First National Bank of Butler from the FDIC receiver the Brighton National Bank of Brighton, Colorado.

1979 On the back cover of the special World’s Fair anniversary issue of the Missouri Life Magazine, the Gold Eagle Club of the Charter Banks list 15, including Butler State Bank (city hall location).

1992 Arnold Austin, head of Austin Enterprises, at Peru, in northern Lone Oak township, attends a seminar on the major concerns of blind Americans. Austin and his family firm ships farm equipment parts all over the U.S. and overseas, as well as dealing in beef cattle.

2000 In a drug raid 4 miles northeast of Virginia, Bates Co sheriff Duane Diehl and deputies Gary Martin, Don VanBlack, John Smith and Patrick Millard find, besides a lot of drug evidence, a machine gun, other weapons, and stolen property.

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