Thursday, June 16, 2022

Bates County K9 Lector set to retire

The Bates County Sheriff’s Office has announced the retirement of K9 Lector. Lector began serving the citizens of Bates County in 2013. Lector along with his handler, Captain Corbin has had an impressive stat as a team. Lector has had over 40 apprehensions of criminals who ran from or tried to hide from him. 

Along with his physical apprehensions he has been involved in multiple drug arrest with several hundred pounds of illegal narcotics taken off the street.

Lector not only patrolled the streets of Bates County but was a valuable tool to our corrections division to help deter contraband from being brought into the jail.

Lector was injured last week while on duty and tore his ACL. Lector underwent surgery today to fix his ACL but will not be able to return to duty. Lector will remain with Captain Corbin and become part of his home family.

“Lector has served our community with distinctions and honor for the last 9 years” says Sheriff Anderson. “It’s time for him to relax and enjoy life laying around his pond and grow old.”

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