Monday, June 27, 2022

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

 Wymore, Shannon (Trustee) to Colwell, Clark Str 23-40-31 //Nw

Nelson, Trent to Menego, Tom Bl 11 Walton’s Addn

Beachner, Gayle J. Trust 07-03-2012 to Roberts, Michael W Str 12-41-30 //Nw

Sbc Lawn & Tree, Llc to Eagle & Sons Properties Str 3-41-29 //Nw

Novovesky, Julie to Foss, Brittany Str 15-40-31 //Se

Miller, Lois E. to Miller, Aimee J. Lt 9 Bl 80 Rich Hill, Original Town Of+

Miller, Kenneth to Menego, Joshua Lt 12 Bl 80 Rich Hill, Original Town Of+

Stevener, Phillip to Mcelwain, Clayton W Str 12-40-31 //Ne

Asset Exchange, Llc to Mcelwain, Clayton W Str 35-40-30 //Sw

Freedom Hawk Home Buyers, Inc. to Criswell, Krystal L Lt 9 Bl 35 Rich Hill, Original Town Of+

Salvation Enterprises, Inc. to Lane, James E Str 21-40-31 //Ne

Sturgeon, Thomas Dwaine to Sturgeon, David Paul Str 22-40-31 //Sw

Continental Coal, Inc. to Roberson, Daniel C. Str 22-39-33 //Nw

Reynolds, Curtis to Langley, Karen M. Lt 41 Huston’s Addn+

Lacy, Daniel J to Hahn, Danny Lt 2 Quail Run Estates

Smith, Gary W to Patterson, Jeremiah Str 17-42-32 //Sw

Fink, Roger to Baker, Terrence Lt 4 Bl 10 South Drexel+

Breckenridge, Justin T to Gilkey, George Bl 24 Reifs, George Addn+

Sbisa, Pamela Sue (Co-Trustee) to Owsley, Peter J Str 20-40-31 //Se

Shields, Amanda to Weaver, Connie S Lt 1 Bl 6 Standish’s, S. L. Addn+

Englehardt, Bill Trust to Engelhardt, Evan Str 13-40-32 //Nw+

Aurand, Leslie Samuel to Aurand, Macy Nicole Str 34-42-30 //Nw

Marriage License:

Ward, Christian Collier and Smith, Olivia Beth

Gavin, James R andFrost, Christine Rose

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