Monday, June 27, 2022

The Museum Minute: Truman comes to Butler

 Courtesy of the Bates County Museum 802 Elks Drive, Butler Mo 64730 
(660) 679-0134

Herrman’s Historical Happenings week of June 29

1878 The Bates Co Advocate newspaper writes “At noon we counted 150 team and 85 single horses tied around Butler’s prosperous square.”

1886 An advertisement in the Bates Co Democrat newspaper “Freshest & cleanest ice is available at the Stone Ice House, Butler”.

1892 The Amsterdam Chief newspaper prints and article on how bad the county roads are.

1930 Natural gas comes to Butler, but at a very limited quantity because there are no mains, just individual lines.

1933 The Bates Co Demcrat newspaper reports there is a ‘soda pop war’ in Butler (see this week’s FLASHBACK on next page).

1940 Missouri State Senator, Harry S. Truman, addresses the citizens of Bates Co at the courthouse lawn.

1944 A 35 year old copy of “Billboard” magazine surfaces and Butler’s Chas L. Fisk is listed in the top 12 coronetists in America.

1962 The JAYCEE president is Del Fauss, manager of the Mattingly’s store, Butler.

1978 The Lighthouse Bookstore is celebrating being in business one year, thru July 8th. 113 W. Dakota, Butler.

1988 Larry and Iva Erickson’s newly built garage is a bright spot on the East end of Main street, in Amsterdam, so says Mable LaFollette in the Northwest News column in the News-Xpress newspaper out of Butler.

1999 Three women, being held in the City of Butler jail, as there are no accommodations in the Bates Co Jail for females, escape.

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