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Adrian R-3 School District new cell phone policy

Adrian R-3 School District New Cell Phone Policy

July 2022
Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Next year we will begin the school year with a NO cell phone policy while in the classroom. Other items that will not be allowed while in the classroom would be wireless earbuds, air pods, Bluetooth headphones or any electronic device not issued by the district while in the classroom or during the school day.

These electronics must be on silent and stored inside backpacks. Phones may only be accessed before and after school, while in the hallway during passing periods. Also, if a student requests to use the restroom during class, they must show the teacher that their cell phone is not leaving the classroom with them.

Earphones that are wired and plug into the laptop, may be used if needed for course work.

During class, students may NOT use their phones for calculators, to check the time, music, reading a book, checking their grades or for any other reason. If there is a medical reason to use a cell phone, that will be allowed per a 504 or health plan.

These are the concerns that have caused the school district to change the cell phone policy:

* Students taking videos and pictures of other students in the bathroom and posting to social media.

* Cheating: students making audio recordings of test reviews and listening to it while taking a test or screenshotting the test and sharing with friends.

* Disruptions: phones have caused students to be constantly distracted from the lesson. Students receive multiple notifications from various social media accounts throughout the day.

* Pictures/Videos: Students taking pictures in the classroom of other students without permission and posting to social media.

* Parents are encouraged to call the office if they are having an issue or need to talk with their student.

The procedure if a phone is out during class:
1st Offense: Device is confiscated/returned to student at the end of the day plus an after school detention

2nd Offense: Device is confiscated/parent-guardian must pick up in the office plus 1 day of ISS

3rd Offense: Device is confiscated/ parent-guardian must pick up in the office plus 2 days of ISS

Don Lile

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