Friday, July 29, 2022

From Bates County Presiding Commissioner, Jim Wheatley

In response to Mr. Cassady's ad in the Mid America Shopper dated July 27, 2022, there are issues that need to be clarified.

The meetings of every session of the commission are taken, printed, reviewed for accuracy and reprinted and signed by me as the official record of the commission. Each month these documents are filed and the public has access to these records at any time. Actually, for the past two months all three papers that serve Bates county have requested, received and published the official record of the county commission. Next, the agenda for every day the commission is in session is posted in the county clerk's office. At any time anyone can call the county clerk's office and ask about upcoming commission meetings. The commission has been working with the county clerk and county maintenance man to put together documents that have been submitted to the state historical preservation office, (shpo) to improve drainage around the courthouse, which has been completed, and for tuckpointing of the exterior walls. Bids were put out for the tuck pointing. Two companies responded. A company was chosen with an estimated start date July/August. The interior fire alarm system is outdated and the county has contacted the company that currently provides service to the county. If the bid comes in high, we the commission, will have to put out formal bids.

The commission has and will always have an "open door" policy for all county office holders and the public.

The roads in Bates county are under the control to be maintained by the townships. come to the commission office with any questions you have about anything and quit listening to rumors and propaganda.

Jim Wheatley, “your” Presiding Commissioner

paid for by Jim Wheatley

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