Friday, July 1, 2022

Push is on to preserve Altona Community Hall

 The Altona Community Club was established in 1934 by five women of the Altona community as a social outlet for women who, except for church, occasional shopping or family gatherings, worked in their homes for the good of their families.  After meeting in homes for several years, the Club was offered the use of the Altona Methodist Church which had disbanded.  The building became known as the Altona Community Hall and was the meeting place, not only for the Club, but also the 4-H Club as well as for other community gatherings and family reunions.  While a new building for the Altona Baptist Church was being built, the Community Hall was once again used temporarily for worship services.

The Community Hall was replaced in 1998 with a newly built (from the ground up) modern building.  Most of the labor was donated from community members.  The Ladies Club worked tirelessly providing food for farm auctions and serving up ham and bean dinners to pay for the materials used.

The Club still meets on the second Wednesday of each month at noon for a meal and to conduct business.  New members are always welcome.  The Altona 4-H Club continues to meet there as well.  It   can be rented for $45.00 per day for family gatherings, birthday parties, showers, graduation parties, etc.  It is used for family funeral dinners at no charge to the family.  It is still a vital part of the Altona and extended communities.

However, with societal changes and more women working jobs outside their homes, with declining health issues and the deaths of members; our membership has declined.  We are an aging group and are concerned about the upkeep of the building and grounds and its continued role in the community.  At our last meeting, the members voted to invite anyone interested to meet to discuss how to move forward to insure that an Altona Community Hall will always be there for people to use.

The meeting will be held Monday evening, July 11, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. at the Altona Community Hall located six miles east of Adrian on HWY 18, then approximately 1 mile north on Z highway.  If you would like further information or have questions, please call President Carol Hines at 785-224-7229 or Vice President Delores Kube at 816-297-8892 or 816 806-1341. -submitted with our thanks

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