Friday, July 1, 2022

Trek across America includes stop in Bates county


Mid America Live had the honor of speaking with retired Army Colonel Kenny Mintz near Oak Hill Cemetery last Thursday as he walked through Butler en route to Pleasanton Kansas and points beyond. Mintz is making a 3,000 mile trek that started in Washington, D.C. on April 1st to raise money for veterans, pancreatic cancer research and scholarships for children of fallen service members.

We caught up with him as he stopped for a drink with daughter Margaret, who is accompanying him by vehicle to help insure his safety and provide necessary food and water along the way. “It’s really not been that bad” he said when asked about the extreme afternoon heat. “Rural America has been very accommodating. I’ve been offered meals, Gatorade and even have people that join and walk with me.” He went on to say that most everyone he’s met has been very friendly and helpful.

When asked about his cause “These charities are all dear to me. My mother died of pancreatic cancer. The veterans charities are near and dear to me too. In my 30 years of service to this wonderful country, I think it’s the least I can do.”

Covering about 20 miles per day average, Mintz has already walked just over 1,400 miles making this about the halfway point with his final stop to be in Encinitas, California in a couple months. “From here, I really wanted to walk the Flint Hills of Kansas but it would add about 150 miles. So my plan is to make a beeline to Dodge City then look forward to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado”. Encinitas was chosen as a final destination is it was his childhood home.

Kenny’s trip is fully documented and those interested in donating, following or just want to wish him well can go to his Facebook page, search ‘Kenny walks across America’ where you’ll find more info about his charities, photos of people he’s met and his daily progress.

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