Saturday, July 9, 2022

Way to go Marilyn!

Congratulations to Clinton School District Board of Education member, Marilyn Parratt, who was recently nominated by the Henry County Retired Teachers Association for the District 6 Missouri Retired Teachers Association (MRTA) Distinguished Retiree Award. This award recognizes members who “have given service beyond the call of duty”.

Mrs. Parratt served the Clinton School District education system for 38 years as a paraprofessional and school bus driver. Following retirement, Marilyn has chosen to volunteer her time and energy to the community, the school district, area organizations, senior citizens, and MRTA.

In April 2022, Marilyn was re-elected to her third, three-year term to the Clinton School District Board of Education. Mrs. Parratt continues to support students by attending school events, sporting events, award ceremonies and graduations. As a board of education member, she feels it is critical that parents and students see her support and encouragement.

Since retirement, Marilyn has been an active member of the Henry County Retired Teachers Association and MRTA. She regularly corresponds with local legislators and community members regarding current issues impacting education. Marilyn also routinely provides transportation to and from local meetings for retirees who are no longer able to drive. Mrs. Parratt volunteers hundreds of hours annually in these organizations to support public education.

Marilyn's volunteering goes beyond supporting the public education system, as she is also a cornerstone of the Clinton community. She has been a volunteer driver for the Henry County Senior Center Meals on Wheels program and an election volunteer for local, state and national elections. For the past five years, Marilyn has been an integral part of the Deepwater Labor Day activities. And as a proud CHS graduate, Marilyn is a supporter and active member of the Clinton High School Alumni Association.

As was stated in her nomination, "Marilyn is the epitome of an individual who is always, without fail, willing to serve in any capacity to better the lives of all people and to promote the well-being of the Clinton community. She is one that can always be counted on to serve the community, the youth, the elderly, the sick, the MRTA mission and fellow colleagues. She definitely exemplifies the MRTA Motto: 'TO SERVE, NOT TO BE SERVED.' "

Congratulations on this nomination Marilyn, and thank you for all you do to better the lives of Clinton School District students and staff, as well as the entire Clinton community.

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