Saturday, August 6, 2022

Adrian Fire Department always goes above and beyond!

Gary Dizney and his team at the Adrian Fire Department are the finest around! I got a call last night around 9:15 PM. 

When our ladies got home from a meeting they didn’t have power at the Shelter. I soon realized it was more than just the Shelter and the water tower was spewing water at an alarming rate. I called Gary and within minutes he and his crew were on site.

Brian Bearce did a tremendous job realizing when we lost power that short circuited the towers signal and so it started pumping water. Quick call to Matthew Newkirk, Mark Griffith, Matt Cunningham and our new city administrator Ryan Westcoat. One of our citizens called Evergy and bam, within a short window of time everything was being handled.

What a great team. Gary and his team spent most of the night on site waiting for Evergy to replace the transformer. So if the boys look a little weary today now you know why.

I know they don’t do it for the recognition but from time a time to an “at-a-boy” is in order. Thank you one and all. - Courtesy of Jeff Vick

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