Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Arrest made in Rockville

On August 26, 2022 a Deputy responded to a residence in Rockville, MO in regards to a domestic in progress and property being set on fire.

When the Deputy arrived he observed that the front door was open and there was property on fire outside of the house.

The fire department was dispatched to put out the fire. Two females then arrived on scene and one of them stated that it was her property that was on fire.

The Deputy asked the females which one of them had been assaulted. They stated that neither one of them had. They just made those statements to get law enforcement there quicker.

The Deputy attempted to locate the suspect, Jayme Sluder (DOB 3/22/86). He was not located on the property. The Deputy took a statement from the victim and photographs of the damaged property.

An hour after the Deputy left the scene, Dispatch advised him that Sluder had returned to the property and was attempting to restart the fire. Sluder also stated that he had a firearm and he would shoot law enforcement if they tried to make contact with him.

Deputies returned to the residence but Sluder had already left. After conducting an area canvass they located him at another residence. Sluder was taken into custody without incident.

Mr. Sluder had multiple warrants out of Bates and Vernon Counties for theft, property damage, burglary, domestic assault, trespassing, peace disturbance and assault.

Charges are pending for property damage at the residence in Rockville, MO. Sluder is currently being held in the Bates County Jail.

Disclaimer: Arrest records are public information. Any indication of an arrest does not mean the individual identified has been convicted of a crime. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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