Friday, August 19, 2022

B highway bridges slated to be closed for up to a year

According to a document obtained from contractor Phillips Hardy via the Bates County Commissioners Office, two bridge replacements along route B east of Rich Hill will commence October 28th of this year with overall construction time to span until October 22, 2023. 

The bridges, located about 2 and 3 miles east of town, span over the Marais des Cygnes river and the Bates County Drainage Ditch. Several concerns have come into play with the announcement and the primary being how will school buses navigate around. 

There is also a question regarding the closure of both bridges at the same time, as the contractor will have to have equipment access to the area between the two bridges which may require a temporary easement or make other arrangements to complete the work.

Currently Phillips Hardy is in the process of replacing the Route BB bridge over the South Deepwater Branch southeast of Butler which began August 1st. Completion date for that project is October 23rd of this year.

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