Friday, August 5, 2022

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Gill, Tyler S to Umb Bank (Trustee) Lt 1 Bl 135 Town Company’s First Addn+

Smith, Jacqueline Crain (Trustee) to Hall, Debra Ann Str 17-39-32 //Ne

Diehl, Kim (Trustee) to Diehl, Kim Str 4-39-30+

Anderson, Chad (Sheriff) (Successor Trustee) to Talbott, Donald Bl 10 Couch’s Addn+

Midwest Trust Co (Suc Trustee) to Miller, Lauren D. Str 2-38-33

Carlson, Richard Brent (Trustee) to Carlson, Richard Brent (Trustee) Str 25-41-33

Wymore, Shannon (Trustee) to Diehl, Andrew W. Str 22-40-31 //Sw

Amaya, Isaac to Grant, W.E. Trust 07-06-2007 Qcd Str 22-40-31 //Se

Lawrence, Todd to Grant, W.E. Trust 07-06-2007 Qcd Lt 1 Bl 6 Cogswells Addn

Underwood, Richard Earl Jr to Underwood, Richard Earl Jr Qcd Str 23-40-31 //Ne

Keating, James F. to Keating, Nita Kathy Qcd Str 13-42-32 //Nw

Garrison, Michael Dean to Garrison, Michael Dean & Linda Gale Trust 06-20-2022 Qcd Str 22-38-33 //Se

Brown, Brenda Lou to Jurgensmeyer, Donna Marie Qcd Str 25-39-29

Mccoy, Melissa to Nissen, Hunter Str 24-42-32 //Ne

Shine, Wesley R. to Davis Designs Construction Company, Llc Lt 2 Bl 1 Thompsons Addn

Catron, Steven Eric to Sargent, Lance Lt 9 Bl 2 Gilbert Heights

Goodrich, Daniel R. to Bah Properties, Llc Lt 137 Adrian, Original Town Of+

Herda, Ronald L. to Herda, Ronald R. Str 7-38-33 //Nw

Brooks, Brad to Long, Dale Str 9-41-33 //Sw

Cannon, Mark Alan to Coffman, Gary F Str 15-40-31 //Se

Horner, Michael L. to Nisely, Marques Str 10-41-31 //Ne

Sargent, Lance E. to Fisher, Jason Dale Bl 52 Butler, Original Town Of+

Sargent, Lance E to Richardson, Clayton R Lt 3 Bl 2 Harper’s (Albert) Subds 23-40-31

Algiere, Tammy to Bracher, Randall Str 12-38-30 //Se+

Brooks, Cody to Landers, Richard Str 22-40-31 //Ne

Lough, Joseph A to Lough Construction Llc Bl 2 Page, Louis F. Addn

Embrey, Vicki D to Embrey, Sammy G Lt 7 Bl 5 Sprague, Original Town Of+

Sisk, Chuck to Meade, Jeramiah Bl 2 Cogswells Addn

Southlaw, P.C. to Federal National Mortgage Assn Lt 6 Bl 5 Standish’s, S. L. Addn+

Umstattd, Kevin Trust 11-20-2015 to Tilly, Michael J Str 5-39-31+

Lyon, Linda D. (Trustee) to Mareth, Edward R. Trust 10-20-2021 Str 21-40-31 //Se

Lee, Robert to Bishop, Dale Lee Lt 257 Adrian, Original Town Of+

Pugh, Heather M to Carlyle, Dustin M. Str 31-42-33

Lough Construction, Llc to Bell, Terry L Bl 2 Page, Louis F. Addn

Crist, Nate Roy to Dickens, Christopher Str 22-40-31 //Ne

Williams, Jerald L to Brucks, Michael Bl 143 Town Company’s Third Addn+

Scanlan, Patrick to Klinksick, Heath Lt 1 Bl 108 Town Company’s First Addn+

Black, Russell A. to Hall, David Str 16-42-33 //Ne

Landa, Juan Chavez to Tlapa, Javier Aguirre Lt 35 Osage Park

Mcguire, Mark to Craigmiles, Stephen G Lt 87 Country South+

Rich Hill Lions Club to Rich Hill 4th Of July Committee Lt 5 Bl 75 Rich Hill, Original Town Of+

Brown, Sidney Jr to Mulsoff Llc Bl 10 Sperrys Addn

Finklang, L Michelle to Six, Darla Lt 72 Gilham’s Addn+

Laird, Dale D to Laird, Bradley Scott Str 30-39-33 //Ne

Ware, Jeffery B. to Hilgenberg, Justin Str 22-40-31 //Se

Addleman, Brad to Cleveland Affordable Storage, Llc Lt 1 Bl 3 Amsterdam, Original Town Of+

Carr, Robert H Jr. to Bartholomew, Steven R Str 33-42-31 //Ne

Hill, Kenyon B Carpenter to Bedwell, William Kelly Str 22-40-31 //Ne

Schaller, Deonne E. to Mce Squared, Llc Lt 8 Bl 11 Gilbert Heights

Lacy, Trent to West, Lonnie Lt 2 Bl 5 Thompsons Addn

Epperson, Dalton to Carpenter-Hill, Kenyon Bryce Lt 2 Bl 4 Gilbert Heights+

Eads, Geraldine to Mcdonald, Trenton James Lt 28 Town Company’s First Addn+

Marriage License:

Grishow, Brian Marshall and Mcculley, Angyla Kathleen

Moore, Jeffery Wayne and Stoberl, Claire Lizabeth

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