Friday, August 19, 2022

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Christiansen, Harold Deverne Trust 03-12-1999 to Christiansen, Marcia Ann Trust 03-12-1999 Str 11-42-31+

Joy’s Majestic Paradise, Inc. to Hohne Trust 12-12-2019 Str 18-39-33

Fischer, Darrell to Fischer, Travis J. Str 16-40-31 //Sw

Irwin, Everett O to Irwin, Everett O Bl 3 Messenger Addn

Grechus, Penny Kaye to Cooper, Harry A. Str 23-40-29 //Sw

Smith, Julie Marie to Cooper, Harry A. Str 23-40-29 //Sw

Cooper, George Elwin Jr. to Cooper, Harry A. Str 23-40-29 //Sw

Mcclaughry, Bart A to Mcclaughry, Bart A Str 13-38-33 //Ne

Nicholas, Lance to Ducharme, Ned Phillip Lt 6 Bl 19 Littles Addn+

Cook, Marcia to Cook, Daniel Str 26-40-31+

Berry, Robert Briar to Keating, Kennady L Lt 8 Bl 3 Mccoy’s Addn, Resurvey & Resubdiv+

Tiona Trucking Line, Llc to Tiona, Florilla Revocable Trust 12-27-1995 Lt 11 Bl 2 Gilbert Heights+

Hall, Gary M to Jackson, Micheal L Lt 8 Bl 16 Rockville, Original Town Of+

Arc’m, Inc to Hamersley, Tracy Bl 2 Wyatt’s First Addn

Santos, Henrique Padovan to Belo, Kyle Lt 1 Bl 1 Peck’s Addn+

Paxton, Dorothy Marie to Toothman, Adam Str 15-39-31 //Ne

Mager, Douglas Leroy to Stump, Charles G. Lt 2 Bl 11 Butler, Original Town Of

Heckadon, Stacy to Wise, Ian Str 16-40-32 //Ne

Dixon, Katherine A to Dixon, Brian James & Katherine Trust 07-25-2022 Lt 172 Town Company’s First Addn

Me Grant Rentals Llc to Dodd, Cathylene Lt 4 Bl 11 West Side Addn

Rhinehart, Heath (Trustee) to Golladay Investment Company, Llc Str 21-40-31 //Ne

Dyer, Clifford D. to Luther, Casey David Str 25-42-33 //Sw

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