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Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Rush, S. Margaret (Trustee) to Rush, S. Margaret Str 28-40-31 //Se

Rush, James Trust Trust 09-24-1992 to Rush, S. Margaret Lt 49 Country South+

Millsap & Singer to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Fsb (Trustee) Str 7-42-33

Yoder Family Trust 07-09-1992 to Mcvey, Michael Shawn Lt 21 Lynwood Estate+

Fannie Mae (Aka) to Sydow, Shayne Str 33-40-31

Lawson, Sandra S to Goossen, Daniel Str 5-38-30 //Se+

Chantel, Rayne to Goertz, Lucas Bl 12 Couch’s Addn

Franklin, Caleb to Graves, Parker J Lt 65 Adrian, Original Town Of+

Fitzpatrick, Joyce E to Rusher, Tena M Lt 1 Bl 8 Couch’s Addn

Nicholas, Lance L. to Skaggs, Debra A. Lt 8 Bl 4 Standish’s, S. L. Addn+

Wise, Ian to Eble, William D. (Trustee) Str 21-40-33 //Sw

Doty-Burton, Jeanette E to Doty, Jeffery S Lt 7 Bl 168 Town Company’s Second Addn+

Griffith, Wanda June to Hannah, Jack D Str 34-42-30 //Nw

Mcvey, Michael Shawn to Yoder Family Trust 07/09/1992 Lt 21 Lynwood Estate+

Ljames, Dale M. to Casey, James Lt 11 Bl 7 William’s Addn+

Parker, Lorene to Morrison, Scott A Lt 31 Osage Park+

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development to Youngblood, Joseph R Lt 3 Bl 1 Scott’s Addn

Vail, Vicky to Krum, Alyssa Lt 10 Bl 15 Amsterdam, Original Town Of+

Lawson, W. Gayle to Anderson, Gerald E Str 36-42-32 //Sw

Howard, Linda Kay (Trustee) to Schapeler, Donald Lee Str 2-38-30 //Ne

Howard, Linda Kay (Trustee) to Schapeler, Philip Mark Str 2-38-30+

Nash, Joshua Gray to Nash, Joshua Str 29-42-31 //Sw

Marriage License

Haxton, Joshua Reece and Nelson, Amanda Lynne

Bradley, Brandon Gerald and Gillespie, Rachel Nichole

Ringwood, Bruce Todd Sr and Feuerborn, Leslie Lynn

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