Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Hello People of Butler, please share!

Hello People of Butler, please share!

If you are wondering who is the one going around in the area and knocking on doors, then it’s me.

Since I always try to be really transparent at what I do, I'm doing this post.

I'm a University student from Europe, Estonia and doing my summer exchange program in this area selling educational books & apps for families from young toddlers all the way through College prep. I am not affiliated with any of the local schools.

This is my 1st week in Butler and so far your community has been super friendly towards me. Thank you for that!

I already got my solicitor license approved by the City Of Butler and went through Butler Police Department to introduce myself. Everybody’s so nice!

I’m now going to be meeting up with every family in Butler during the next few weeks selling educational materials that:

Help parents to help kids with the new math & other subjects
Help students to save time with schoolwork & test preparation
Help with ACT preparation by Princeton Review
Help with college credit classes by McGraw Hill
and last but not least. A jump start program for the pre-k kids that helps give a head start for school.

When I knock on your door, then know that I have an accent, please do not be intimidated by that. - Lilian Bookgirl Männi

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