Friday, August 5, 2022

Learn all about hemp August 11th in Butler

Hemp literally has 1,000’s of uses including food, protein, fiber, bioplastic, paper, rope, soil remediation, building materials and much more. 

You can learn all about it August 11th, 6 to 9 pm at Bates Social Event Space located on the west side of the Butler square. Morgan Tweet with the Hemp Feed Coalition will be discussing uses for hemp as an animal food source and will be providing any updates regarding federal approval. 

Likewise, speaker Melissa Nelson with South Bend Industrial Hemp will talk about the process of converting hemp to fiber and seed.

Food will be served and the public is openly invited to come and learn more about this fascinating natural product that is growing (pun intended) in popularity.

To register, please call 1-800-652-5172 or go to for details.

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