Thursday, August 4, 2022

Love Fund for Mary Culpepper now set up at Community First Bank

Mom, grandma, Mary, Walmart Mary…. regardless of what you know her as, to know her is to love her. We also all know how she is non stop on the go and she’s always the first to step up to help someone in need. 

She recently had a CT & MRI done and unfortunately received some very unexpected news after battling what was misdiagnosed as an ear infection for 4 months. It was never an ear infection and now she is the one in need of a hand up. 

Along with numerous doctors appointments, she will be undergoing radiation and chemotherapy so her ability to go to work will be very, very limited during her treatment. 

Sometimes life stops us in our tracks but unfortunately the bills keep coming regardless. In an effort to help alleviate some of the financial stress associated with such an unexpected illness, we have started a Love Fund for Mary Culpepper. 

Contributions can be made at Community First Bank in Butler. Whether you’re able to contribute monetarily, through prayer & positive thoughts, or you just remember to check in on her to help keep her spirits up, your support right now means the world to everyone who loves her most. 

Please feel free to contact me Julie Schmidt or Beth Leister with any questions and remember to share this post. Thank you all.

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