Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Risk of strong to severe thunderstorms this evening

Scattered thunderstorms will continue through the remainder of the afternoon. Into the evening, a few storms may become strong to severe across central Missouri into southwestern Missouri and extreme eastern Kansas. Severe timing would be about 5 to 7 PM for a start time. 

Storms will continue overnight into early Thursday morning. There is a risk of moderate to heavy rainfall resulting in an increased risk of isolated flash flooding. Any strong storms will also be capable of 60 mph winds and up to quarter size hail.

Image Description: Map of the Missouri and Kansas Region, with Kansas City centered on the map. There is a yellow risk area highlighting a slight risk of severe thunderstorms and a green risk area encircling the slight representing a marginal risk of severe storms. 

Additionally, a light green dashed line circles central and southern Missouri as the area most likely to see isolated risk of heavy rainfall.

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