Friday, September 23, 2022

Butler High School Career Fair December 2nd

Career fairs are an essential part of connecting what students explore when they start to participate in post-secondary and career planning in high school and how they apply it later on as they come closer to realizing those plans. 

We need you! No matter the job, we have students interested in the career field. We would love to have a variety of careers to show our students. 

We need individuals who have earned on the job training, technical college certificates, military service, jobs requiring an associates degree, bachelor's degree,  master's degree as well a doctorate degrees. You will be asked to talk about your day to day operations in your field as well as the working conditions. 

You will be speaking in front of high school students on this subject for intervals of forty minutes. December 2nd is our scheduled date for the fair. 

We look forward to your participation and wealth of knowledge. This is such a privilege to be able to open up campus to host you. Go bears. 


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