Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Clinton Fire Department appoints new department chaplain

The Clinton Fire Department is proud to announce that auxiliary firefighter, Dan Beebe, has been appointed Department Chaplain.

Dan began his career with the CFD in October of 1973 as a volunteer firefighter. That position turned into a full-time position in November of 1973. Dan served the department as a full-time member, earning the rank of Lieutenant, before a career change in August of 1980.

In June of 1985, Dan returned to the department as an auxiliary (formerly volunteer) member to which he has served ever since. Dan is one of our most dedicated members and has been for sometime. With 44 years of service under his belt, our hope is that he can continue to serve our department in this new, less physically demanding, role for many years to come.

Dan has served, unofficially, as the departments Chaplain for a few years now. This new appointment signifies the departments commitment to Dan's religious example and guidance as Department Chaplain.

Chaplain Beebe!

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