Tuesday, September 6, 2022



The flock has settled at Nursery Street Clinic! Is Dr. Miller plotting revenge? Or was the sun in his eyes? We all know who's to blame here (we're looking at you, health care providers at High Street FCC)!

Give a shout out to these health care professionals, they do a fantastic job for our community! From left: Megan Reno, PA, Lexi Hahn CMA, James Miller, DO, Crystal Dizney, Dana Hilbus, CMA, Tina DeCavele, Madeline Derousse, Rebekah Calvert, LPN, Ruth Barnes, LPN, Jenne Bennett, RN, and Robin Moore, LPN.

Not pictured: Elaine Goodman, Glenn Gardner PA, Erin Forkner LPN, Mary Jackson, Dot Henry, LPN.

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