Thursday, September 22, 2022

From the Cass County Sheriff's Office

From the dawn of time, everyone from philosophers to the man or woman on the street has scratched their confused heads over this mind-boggling question — how can you hold and eat ice cream in your hands without making a mess? 

This September 22, celebrate the long-awaited answer — National Ice Cream Cone Day — by taking a bite into America’s favorite way to eat a cool, sweet treat!

Before the invention of the ice cream cone, there was no good solution to the hassle (not to mention the mess) of eating an ice cream without dripping the stuff down your arms or down your chin and ruining your clothes.

But thanks to this so-simple-it’s-incredible-nobody-thought-of-it-earlier innovation, now we’re free to indulge ice cream cones in waffle-style, pretzel, chocolate-coated, wafer, sugar and more. 

So, feel free to enjoy the day by getting your favorite cone (ours is sugar!) and celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day.

Courtesy of the Cass County Sheriff's Department 

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