Thursday, September 8, 2022

Nevada Regional Medical Center's Shining Star for the month of September

Congratulations to Tricia Matthew who was recently voted NRMC’s Shining Star for the month of September. Tricia is an IT Analyst at the hospital.
One administrator writes, “Tricia came to me the day before her scheduled shift as the house supervisor to ensure I knew about a major issue we might have to deal with at 6am the next morning.

The initiative and ownership she took during the situation was excellent. She did not just sit back and think it was someone else’s responsibility. Her preemptive actions enabled us to manage the situation and put back-up plans in place."

Marci Hardin, Tricia’s Director in IT, notes, “Tricia is the epitome of a team player. She is a valuable asset to the IT Department and NRMC in general. Her expertise from both a clinical and technical perspective are highly valued by all. 

She always goes the extra mile to ensure that patients are well cared for and that her peers have the knowledge and support they need."

Tricia - thanks for all you do!

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