Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Update: Active shooter call today in Belton

On 9-27-2022 at 10:49 AM, the emergency call center at the Belton Police Department received a call about an active shooter on the exterior of Saddle Creek Warehouse, 6041 E 160th Street.

These types of calls for service are taken seriously as all available resources to include Belton Police Officers, the Belton Fire Department / EMS, the Cass County Sheriff’s Department, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to the scene. Law Enforcement personnel arrived on scene in less than two minutes.

The responding officer(s) encountered some miscommunication on scene in addition to the activation of door alarm(s) and fire alarm at the Chewy Fulfillment Center located next door. This was also at the same time of shift change with a large number of workers exiting the Chewy Fulfillment Center.

Law enforcement personnel conducted thorough searches of both warehouses; at which time no evidence of an active shooter was discovered at either location. Investigators determined that Saddle Creek Warehouse personnel overheard radio communications from an unknown source about an active shooter event, thus prompting the emergency call to the Belton Police Department.

The Belton Police Department confirms there are no victims, suspects, weapons and/or evidence of anyone injured in the event. Management from Saddle Creek Warehouse and the Chewy Fulfillment Center are to be commended for the level of assistance given to responding officer(s) by providing immediate access to information necessary to conduct these large-scale and thorough searches.

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