Thursday, September 8, 2022

Way to go Mandi

Nevada Regional Medical Center Materials Management Director, Mandi Jordan was recently recognized for taking a proactive approach toward patient care by the National Recall Alert Center. This service is funded by the hospital’s regulatory agency and allows Mandi to quickly receive recall alerts.

Working behind the scenes every day, the Materials Management team processes up to 100 recalls a month. While many of those recalls have no direct impact on NRMC, they must still be checked.

The department’s participation with the National Recall Alert Center indicates their commitment to continued patient safety and care. Chief Quality Officer, Holly Bush recently said, “We’re proud of our record for safety at NRMC and owe many thanks to Mandi and her team of materials management specialists. Their ongoing efforts to safeguard the quality of our products and services make us all proud to work at a hospital that places such a high premium on patient safety and care.”

The effort that Mandi Jordan and her team put into this project is just one example of the many staff members working hard each day to help make Nevada Regional Medical Center a 5-Star hospital.

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