Monday, October 31, 2022

Best wishes to Jami Page!!!

The Bates County Sheriff's Office would like to say a big Good Bye to the Sheriff’s Administrative Assistant. Jami Page started working for Bates County in February of 2003 as a floater in the courthouse for several office holders. When Sheriff Anderson was elected in 2009, Jami left the Clerks Office to be the Sheriff’s Assistant. 

Jami ran for the Bates County Clerk’s Office and won the Republican nomination in August this year. Jami is on the November ballot unopposed for the same position and will assume her duties on January 1st, 2023.

During her almost 14 years at the Sheriff’s Office Jami received an employee of the year award. Jami had spearheaded many community projects for the Sheriff’s Office positively benefiting our community and the office.

Jami will be missed at the office but will still be around to serve her community. We wish Jami the best of luck in her new role as an office holder and public servant.

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