Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Butler city council news

In the October 18 Butler city council meeting a public hearing was held to solidify an ordinance establishing rules for home based businesses within city limits, following sweeping changes across the state made effective August 28th.

 Following the passage of the ordinance, in a nutshell, residents may continue to operate a business from their home without limitation as long as it doesn’t affect neighbors in terms of increased traffic, noise or other annoyances under the ‘no-impact’ business guild lines set forth which does include the need for a business license as usual. Anyone with further questions is encouraged to obtain a copy of the ordinance and review it with city officials to insure all rules are followed.

In other council news, following the resignation of councilman Mike Irick to pursue personal business interests, Jeff Hall was sworn in to fill the position representing ward 2 until the end of the term.

The airport commission met however there were not enough present for a quorum, another meeting is scheduled for October 27th at 5:30 pm. On a related note, the park board is in need of a fourth person, which would eliminate the need for seasonal help. Anyone interested should contact city hall.

 City Administrator Mike West says they are continuing to seek ARPA funding through the county commissioners for various projects and an update is expected soon. He also mentioned that word is expected soon regarding a much needed wastewater grant as well.

Remember the Butler city council meets on the first and third Tuesdays, 7 pm, upstairs at city hall. The public is highly encouraged to attend.

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