Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Community Help Needed!!

Thanksgiving is drawing closer with the passing of each day.  Judge Julie Highley and the Carpenters Cup is planning a free Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving day.  These meals are offered to anyone and can be delivered, picked up or eaten at the Butler Senior Center.  To accomplish this, we need community support.  Here is an incomplete list of items we will be needing.  We anticipate feeding around 500 people.

We need delivery drivers for the Hume/Foster area, the Rich Hill/Rockville area, the Amoret/Amsterdam area, the Ballard area, the Adrian area and the Butler area.  Please call 660-679-3333 if you can help in delivering meals to these locations.  We are also accepting volunteers to help that day.

Our menu will be turkey, dressing, your choice of mashed potatoes and gravy or sweet potatoes, your choice of seasoned green beans or corn, cranberry sauce, hot roll with butter, and to finish off the meal, your choice of apple or pumpkin pie with whipped cream topping.  

Here is an incomplete of foods we will be needing:
150 lbs potatoes
100 lbs sweet potatoes
15 gallon cans of green beans
15 gallon cans of corn
42 packages of heat and serve hot rolls
42  tubs of whipped topping
30 lbs of bacon
3 bags onions
15 lbs butter
10 boxes gallon baggies
84 boxes stove top dressing
25 boxes chicken broth
300 small clam shell dessert to go boxes

These items can be dropped off at the Carpenters Cup.  Of course, any money donations can be dropped off either with Judge Julie Highley or at the Carpenters Cup.  All money will be used to help pay for advertising, and all miscellaneous items.  

We will be taking orders for delivery and pick up after November 1st.  All orders are to be called to the Carpenters Cup at 660-679-3333.

If you know of individuals needing a meal, please share this information.  No one should be without a meal on Thanksgiving.  

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