Monday, October 31, 2022

Company seeks acreage in Bates county for solar venture

A solar farm similar to this one located near Butler is proposed just south of Amsterdam that would extend west to state line and will cover approximately 1000 acres.

On September 20th, Fiona Bagwell with associates John Felitto and Allen Anderson representing NextEra Energy met with the Bates County Commission to discuss moving forward with a proposed solar energy project in western Bates County. 

According to Bagwell, the scope of the project includes the use of solar panels, not windmills, similar to the solar farm located on the northwest corner of Butler and would encompass something in the neighborhood of 1,000 acres located directly south of Amsterdam and west to state line. 

A similar project is being proposed in Linn county Kansas, all part of a plan to locally provide electricity upon the planned shutdown of the coal fired LaCygne power plant within the next five years (a 50 year project that began in 1972). 

At this juncture, NextEra and the commission are hammering out details regarding fencing, road access and taxes with more details forthcoming.

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