Thursday, October 6, 2022

FBC Butler Judgement House

2022 Presentation Judgement House
Performance at FBC Butler
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday
October 19-22nd from 7-9 PM

Crosswalk is the story of a motorcycle/pedestrian accident that brings a tragic end to three lives. The script is uniquely designed to show a glimpse of each character’s thoughts and how what they perceive as truth intersects with God’s Truth.

Addison, Jack, Christina, and Katherine all have plans to visit the local movie theater. But an unplanned event will turn their recreation into wreckage.

God has used this drama to allow us to reach hundreds of lost people over the last 16 presentations. Join us in praying that the Lord will continue to use it to share with others the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Online Registration available starting September 1st or call

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