Wednesday, October 19, 2022

From the city of Hume

To our customers and any from the surrounding area who get their water from PWWSD #13: Laura Kelly, the governor of Kansas, has issued a drought warning for the entire state. This mandates that all water districts in Kansas implement their stage 2 water warnings.

The water level in the reservoir is nearing the level that PWWSD #13 would soon need to issue a stage 2 water level warning due to low reservoir levels. WE ARE NOT YET AT EMERGENCY LEVELS, however, to hopefully avoid emergency action water levels we ask that all customers refrain from using extra water as much as possible.

Please refrain from doing such activities as washing your car, power washing decks or siding, or draining and refilling hot tubs. Other actions like not washing small special loads of laundry or not taking long showers can help reduce water consumption.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and consideration.
Josiah Rice
Hume City Clerk

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