Monday, October 24, 2022

From the desk of Bates County Sheriff Chad Anderson

Earlier this evening the Bates County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Rich Hill Fire Department to assist in a natural cover fire. The fire was south of Rich Hill and because of high winds it was moving rapidly to the north toward the City of Rich Hill.

The request from the fire department was to start asking residents on the south side of town to evacuate to a safer area until the fire could be contained.

Because of the potential magnitude of the task, the Sheriff’s Office activated every deputy on or off duty to respond to the area. Approximately 20 residents were contacted to be notified of the pending dangerous situation. 

Shortly after it was determined that the multiple fire departments had majority of the north fire line put out.

The decision was made to halt the evacuations but to continue to stage law enforcement at the dollar general until the fire was determined under control.

Currently Law Enforcement has been released from standby. Multiple agency fire units remain on scene to put out any visible hotspots.

This is a good time to remind the public that now is not a good time to burn out in the open. With the strong winds and dry environment it is not a good idea to burn in a fire pit either. Your help in this matter can save a life and property.

-Bates County Sheriff Chad Anderson 

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