Monday, October 24, 2022

From the desk of Benton County Sheriff Knox

Hello Benton County,

I’m sure by now most of you are aware of the Federal presence in our county on October 7th when O’Dell and Perry were arrested for trying to insight others to travel to Texas to kill illegal immigrants and border patrol agents, as well as attack Washington DC. I spoke to the special agent in charge about our community and other communities just like ours. 

My sentiment is that vigilantism will become more prevalent in American society as time goes by. While in conversation, I stated that I would wager that a large part of our community, myself included, feels the same way as O’Dell and Perry when it comes to concerns of our border crisis and the condition of our Federal government. 

Where we differ is the means in which we fix it, it is not time to take up arms. The Second Amendment was put in place by our forefathers so we could protect ourselves from an oppressive government, not from burglars, but the day of the squirrel gun against an oppressive government force is past. Violence is not the answer, but taking action is.

There is a famous quote that states “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” As Americans, we have a duty and a responsibility to be involved. We have allowed some of the wrong people to represent us in government. This is from the county level all the way to the top. It is of the utmost importance for law abiding, hardworking citizens to research the potential candidates for offices.

 Look at the issues they have voted on if they are the incumbent candidate. If they are new, listen very carefully to what they plan to do and research their background to see if they practice what they preach. Then, hold them accountable for their work product. Remind your office holders and representatives that they work for you, not the other way around! 

Most of all, each and every one of you consider if you can do better than the man or woman in a particular office and go for it! We need people in offices and elected positions that represent the way we think. We need office holders and representatives who possess our values. When we fail as responsible voters, America fails. Make the time, make it a priority, to get out and vote responsibly!

We can turn America around but it’s going to have to come from the grass roots, not violence. Even the smallest rural county can make a difference. If we start from the bottom, we can change it all the way to the top but it’s going to require all hands-on deck. As your Sheriff, I am fearful for our future. The truth in sentencing statutes allow hardened criminals out of prison after only doing a fraction of their sentence. 

There are drugs and an unknown populous pouring across our border. The state of the economy and most importantly, the true future of the United States, the education of our youth. I beg of you to sit up and take notice! Get involved, educate yourself on what is going on around you. Everyone is busy trying to survive, going to school, raising a family, working two jobs, but it is essential we all take notice and get involved!

Benton County Sheriff Knox

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