Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Happy Birthday Papinville

Our 26th Annual Picnic was a great celebration of Papinville’s 175th Birthday. An estimated crowd of 160 were in attendance and enjoyed activities from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m.

The day started with wagon rides around Papinville with riders learning of the history of the town and where businesses, churches and other points of interest were located. They also learned of the bridge which is named on National Historic Register. We truly appreciate Jeff Miller and his friends for furnishing and driving the wagons. Everyone really enjoyed them. The Heartfelt Band, directed by Wesley Danner. His family and many friends provided very enjoyable music through out the afternoon. A wonderful group that is truly appreciated.

Many enjoyed touring the one room school and museum and meeting Asenath Barrows (aka Beverly Sullins) as she told of her life in early frontier days and beginning of Bates County. Conservation agents, Don Tiller and Joni Bledsoe displayed pelts and conservation materials, Howard Tillery displayed animal traps, and Jack York displayed historical items found in this area. Ernie Franke displayed his homing pigeons. Pigeons like these were used in early war times to help the war effort. Many enjoyed these displays and our thanks goes out to those who set them up and visited with the people, you helped make the day.

At 4:00 a few special events took place. The entire crowd faced the American flag and said the pledge of Allegiance and sang God Bless America. As the crowd sang Ernie Franke released his pigeons and they headed north to their home. Patricia Pike, State Representative of district 126 presented Papinville with a framed resolution for the town’s birthday. Accepting were officers of the Papinville Historical Association, Beverly Sullins, pres. and Phyllis Stewart, treas. The association then presented Rep. Pike with a personal gift of thanks for all her help she has extended to our organization through the years especially the help of having “B” highway open for our yearly event.

There were crafts and games for the younger people to enjoy through the afternoon. Everyone who participated had a good time.

The pie contest had entries in three divisions and the winners were as follows

Fruit—1st-Donna Arnold—2nd-Debbie Handschin—3rd- Catharine Stangel

Other—1st-Michelle Steuck—2nd-Phyllis Stewart—3rd-Rita McGuire

Junior—1st-Liam Greer

The auction of pies and other items went well with the Historic Quilt being auctioned at 4:30. The quilt high bid was $2,250 made by Chris Hendren. We so appreciate Phyllis Stewart for making this beautiful and unique quilt and Jennifer Wheatley for quilting it. Thanks to our auctioneer, Larry Hacker, and all others who helped especially the bidders.

After prayer the meal was served at 5:30 for free will offering. Meal of fish (cooked by Trent Nelson) and pulled pork (cooked by Brice Fischer) and all the trimmings was served by our members. The dessert table was a bountiful one thanks to all who donated to make it so good.

A special thanks to all who helped in our getting the word out about the picnic and all the road changes we had. It certainly helped the success of our event. Mid-America News, Nevada Daily Mail, Rich Hill Mining Review, Butler and Nevada Radio Stations and Rich Hill Citizens Bank.

We had many compliments on how enjoyable the entire day was, how good the meal was and how they want to come again next year. It was a great day and that was because of the hard work of the officers and members and their families. 

We can only hope to continue this event but that will only be possible if we can get some younger people to come and step into the shoes of the older members who are going to have to step down from some leadership positions. Our next yearly meeting will be held in April 2023 with election of officers. Let’s be mindful an event like this is always in need of help. Thanks again to everyone who was so helpful this year.

Beverly Sullins, president    

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