Monday, October 31, 2022

Local Attorney Chris Benjamin Announces Launch of the KC Road Lawyers Arcade Game

Local Attorney Chris Benjamin Announces Launch of the KC Road Lawyers Arcade Game

HARRISONVILLE, MO – Attorney Chris Benjamin Announces the Launch of the KC Road Lawyers Arcade Game. Chris developed the video game with web developer and digital marketing specialist Robert Gaines of Community Web Service and employed the services of 2A Marketing’s Jon Dunn to acquire the physical arcade cabinet. The game will also be made available as a free mobile app for Android and iOS. The concept of the KC Road Lawyers video game is simple.

The player must get their client to the courthouse in time for trial with one caveat, there is a zombie apocalypse. The player then builds points by dodging apocalyptic roadway wreckage and running over zombies while driving the client to the courthouse.

The fast-paced gameplay is intentionally simple; designed to take players’ minds off the stress of day-to-day life. If this game can temporarily transport players away from their problems, be they legal problems or just the strain that comes with everyday life, the game is a success. A law firm shouldn’t just defend clients in court, it should give them peace of mind. Chris, a lifelong fan of zombie films, has been perfecting the game for five years. He came up with the idea of a video game after preparing for a 2-day divorce trial.

“We deal with very serious matters as attorneys while helping people in crisis,” Chris said. “I also like to have light-hearted moments from time to time, Chris added.”

Chris Benjamin practices civil litigation and criminal defense work in the Cass County, Jackson County, Bates County, and the Greater Kansas City areas of Missouri. The Arcade Cabinet is available to play at the Harrisonville Area Chamber of Commerce.

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