Thursday, October 6, 2022

Obituary - Alexia Gonzales

Alexia Gonzales
Paul R. Zaragoza lll
Born 3/11/1993 Passed 10/4/2022

Alexia is survived by her mother Theresa Gonzales, Father Paul R. Zaragoza, stepfather, Stephen Pope brothers Craig p. Nylund 38, Christopher s. Nylund 36, Marcus A Zargoza 24. Grandparents Paul R. Zaragoza Sr. and Mary Helen Zaragoza. 

She also leaves one nephew, Christopher Scott Nylund Gonzalez age 17 and sister-in-law Victoria A. Vega .She loved Tweety Bird. 

She loved loud music and her dog "Poochie" and she loved her momma And, I loved her. She was brought into this world fighting and she went out continuing the fight. She will be deeply missed.

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