Friday, October 28, 2022

State Farm Student Athlete of the week Drexel Senior Billy Lau

We are excited to announce this week’s State Farm Student Athlete of the week, senior Billy Lau from Drexel. Billy plays quarterback for the Drexel Bobcats.

He stepped up to this position after another teammate was injured early in the season and has really grown in this position as the season has progressed. 

Billy was nominated by his head coach Phillip Dean after their win against the St. Paul Saints which was a great game with the #8 team in the state the 7-1 Drexel Bobcats vs the #10 team in the state the 7-1 Saints. Billy had a total of 389 yards (214 yards passing and 175 yards rushing) with a total of 3 touchdowns in Drexel’s big victory.

Billy achieved all of this on Drexel’s senior night but sadly late in the 4th quarter he was injured and broke his tibia. He led his team to victory that night, but sadly will be out the rest of the season.

When we asked Billy how does being an athlete make you a better person? He stated, “it helps you learn how to get through the difficult times, and you build relationships with your teammates that make you a better person.” We asked him if he had any advice to young people who want to play sports? He quickly said “definitely do it. It makes you a better person and nothing bad can come from it. It only makes you better.”

When we asked Billy what is the toughest aspect of being an athlete he stated, “balancing it all. Of course school work comes first.” We asked him to describe what it takes to be an elite athlete and he stated “you have to be dedicated and stick with it through the good times and the bad.” Billy plans to attend Wichita State Tech after graduation to obtain an automotive tech degree. It was such a pleasure meeting Billy.

We wish the Bobcats the best of luck next week in the second round of districts. They have a first round bye.Pictured left to right: Kellie Davidson, State Farm; Billy Lau, son of Robert Lau & Gina Law; Head Coach Phillip Dean, Baylie Pitts, State Farm

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