Sunday, October 2, 2022

We're so proud of you, Melissa

Melissa has been at Lily's House in Adrian since May and she has already become a mentor and support to other women coming into the shelter. 

Melissa has 3 children, Zoie (14), Maverick (19 mos), and Charleigh (6 mos). She is happy and proud to have all 3 kids living with her currently at Lily's House.

Melissa had been sober for some time, but was in a very toxic relationship and stuck in a lifestyle that involved addiction. That connection to drugs led to her arrest and that's what led her to Lily's House. Melissa says Lily's House helped her get away and heal from codependency. She said, "Lily's House stood behind me as I rebuilt the relationship with my oldest, Zoie. They taught me how to balance parenting, daily life, and working, while still keeping my recovery as a top priority."

Every person at Lily's House has played a huge part in Melissa's recovery, but she wants to give a special shout out to Kelly Talley for always cheering her on through her hardest moments.

Also, to Tiffany Essenpries who has helped her work through the guilt and shame of parenting in addiction in the past. And to Julie Bridges, whose love for God has made a huge impact on her recovery, showing her the kind of relationship she wants to have with Him.

Melissa is now working part-time at the The Wine Journal as she completes her program at Lily's House. Her goals for the future are to plant roots and raise her family in Adrian, to continue to help others that are in addiction, and to become a Certified Peer Specialist. We're so proud of you, Melissa!

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