Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Butler Junior High Wrestling News

The Butler Junior High boys and girls wrestling team had their first meet last night November 14th at Adrian. The following results are below:

Alayna Alkire: 2-0.
Ayden Cumpton: 2-0.
Lucas Davidson: 2-0.
Emma Dixon: 1-1.
Dustin Grubbs: 2-0.
Jakob Hammer: 1-1.
Hunter Long: 3-0.
Breanne Mallatt: 2-0.
Brittany Mallatt: 1-1.
Bentley Myers: 1-1.
Mayan Pajula: 1-1.
Destiny Stone: 1-1.
Jacob Thomas: 2-0.
D.K. Woolace: 1-1. 

The wrestlers below came up short tonight, but all did a great job and will continue to work hard. 

Adalynn Amaya, Brandon Brunson, Addyson Cochran, Emmit Dunn, Ariel O’Connell, Bronx Purdy, and Danny Ramage. 

Our next meet is TODAY at Holden. 5PM start time.

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