Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Butler Junior High Wrestling News

The Butler Junior High high boys and girls wrestled at Holden tonight.

Adalynn Amaya: 1-1.
Ayden Cumpton: 1-1.
Lucas Davidson: 2-0.
Breanne Mallatt: 1-1.
Brittany Mallatt: 1-0.
Bentley Myers: 1-1.
Mayan Pajula: 1-1.
Ariel O’Connell: 3-0.
D.K. Woolace: 1-2.

The wrestlers below came up short tonight, but they fought hard.

Emmit Dunn, Hunter Long, Bronx Purdy, Danny Ramage, and Jacob Thomas.

We had a few that didn’t have matches tonight. Alayna Alkire, Brandon Brunson, Addyson Cochran, Emma Dixon. Our next meet is Thursday at Lone Jack. 5PM start time.

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