Tuesday, November 15, 2022

City of Nevada Public Works Department collecting leaves

The City of Nevada Public Works Department will again collect loose leaves starting Monday November 28, 2022. 

They are starting in the SW corner of the City, then to the NW, NE and SE and will make 2 rounds. They will do North & South streets first in each section then the East & West streets.

We remind residents to rake the leaves to the curb, but not into the street, and to remove all sticks and stones from the pile as these can damage the machinery.

Rake leaves into open areas along the curb, avoiding mailboxes, fire hydrants, signs, parked cars, and other obstacles that would prevent the leaf collection truck from getting to your leaves.

We also remind residents not to park in front of leaf piles. Piles blocked by vehicles will not be picked up as it is difficult for the truck and leaf machine to maneuver around parked cars. Also do not put leaves into trash bags as bags of leaves will not be picked up.

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