Friday, November 18, 2022

Way to go ladies!

Meet Tricia Cook, Family Care Clinic Business Manager, and Crystal Dizney, Clinic Supervisor. Tricia and Crystal recently led our rural health clinics through a two-year evaluation process for the Rural Health Clinic (RHC) program to stay in accordance with state, federal and rural health clinic regulations. 

Tricia and Crystal also completed a Certified Rural Health Clinic Professional course, ensuring they have the most current information on RHC rules and regulations.

Crystal was promoted to the clinic supervisor position earlier this year, and Tricia, who was hired this summer for the Family Care Clinic business manager role, has also recently applied on behalf of FCCs for a $40,000 grant for a mental health program.

We are thankful for these two professionals and for all of our employees who regularly keep up with certifications, rules and regulations to keep our hospital and clinics running smoothly!

Courtesy of the Bates County Memorial Hospital 

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