Monday, December 19, 2022

Adrian to put marijuana tax on April ballot

One hot topic of the Adrian city council meeting this month was of course, how to proceed with recreational marijuana. While the city cannot ‘opt out’, meaning ban sales within city limits until it goes to a vote in 2024, in the meantime a business may go ahead and open; so the consensus seems to be that if the 3% tax can be collected, then so be it. However it must be passed by voters and it will appear on the April 2023 ballot.

Guests Jackie Underwood and Kim Young on behalf of the Adrian United Methodist Church, asked if the city would consider a gate to be installed in the alley between the church and playground to allow for safer passage of children. The gate would only be closed for short periods but such a move raised questions, among other things, how would emergency vehicles navigate around it. The subject was tabled as city Admin Ryan Wescote will be looking into state regulations and other legal ramifications.

Guest Ella Tindle approached the council regarding a couple of subjects, one asking the council if the city might have any interest in property she owns on the corner of 8th and old business 71; the other regarding animals she owns on south Virgina street. On the animal issue, concerns are that as ordinances regarding animals within city limits are enforced, would the historic farmstead in question, which current has a donkey and horses, be grandfathered in terms of enforcement. Administrator Wescote indicated that most likely the rules would be enforced. 

Fire Chief Gary Dizney informed the council that the department is in the process of becoming trained to properly administer Narcan, a lifesaving treatment for drug overdose. At this time Dizney is reviewing rules regarding its use and will provide an update at the next meeting.

Administrator Wescote informed the group that installation of new software which includes automated billing, is nearly complete and the availability for residents to make online payments should be in place within a month or two.

The much discussed ATV ordinance was approved, meaning that a license sticker will be required for golf carts, side by sides, four wheelers and other ATV’s to be driven on city streets. Inspections will be done at city hall and criteria is that drivers must be licensed and the unit must be insured. Cost for the city sticker will be $20. 

An agreement was reached with Countywide disposal for trash services. The new rate will be $19.55 a month and each resident will get at least one 95 gallon trash container and the option to get more, as well as a smaller one if needed. The contract with Countywide is for 5 years.

The Adrian city council meets on the second Monday of the month, 7 pm at city hall and the public is highly encouraged to attend.

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